Soohyun beatboxing style.. LMAO

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ladies and gentlemen, lemme introduce to you, SOOHYUN — the one-man band



SooHyun: When you have 2 parents and one suddenly goes away it’s very sad. When I was in 2nd grade my father passed away. I felt so bad for him because at that time, I was stupid. His body was becoming weak and thinner, and I thought he was supposed to and that he’d jump up. One day, I was hanging out with my friends when my noona came over crying, saying that my father had passed away.

*Kevin started crying*

SooHyun: I guess I fainted and it was really tiring for me back then and the family just starved. It was really for me, and I realized at that time that I had to fulfill my dreams and I couldn’t give up.

“Being a singer is my only wish now” — SooHyun.

Credits to ukissrocket @ YT for the translations.


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Soohyun’s reaction to Eli’s gift. → [cr]
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Stupid, Kevin!

Soohyun’s way of cheering up an emotional and crying Kevin at U-KISS’ First World Tour, NY (via otterprincelove)